August 19, 2015

Cyndi Weeks – From OC to Middle Earth


It is my privilege to know some wonderful photographers, but it is a real pleasure when I get to share one of those photographers with all of you.   Add to this the chance to send a special photography opportunity your way, and I am doubly blessed!  Let me introduce to you, Cyndi Weeks of Cyd Weeks Photography.  Be sure to read to the end for a very limited offer. – Julie

Sometimes life can take you to some really beautiful places. 14 years ago what started between me and the cutest Kiwi I’ve ever seen in a dirty, dingy brick building has since taken both of us to some pretty amazing places.Our most recent is a move back to his homeland, New Zealand. It’s been a desire of his heart for such a long time and although it’s never easy uprooting your young family to a new place with new people, new cultural rules, almost orange butter and flabby bacon, I’m so grateful for the experience we are having!

You’ve seen Lord of the Rings, you’ve seen Chronicles of Narnia, but you really don’t expect it to take your breath away. You’re standing beneath a mountainside full of sheep and look 90 degrees to your left and there’s a beautiful winding road around a crystal clear blue lake, take another 90 degree turn and there’s a jagged mountain range shooting up out of the lake, another 90 degrees and there’s a beautiful stream running into the lake with wild lupins and foxgloves and other wild flowers. Travel just a small distance and there will be another scene waiting to blow your mind!  While transitioning away from really close friends and family hasn’t been easy, it has been a great joy to experience a slower pace of life and being out in nature all the time has a certain effect on you, it’s calming and peaceful. And the photos, they’re just so easy to take in such an amazing setting.

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My photography obsession started at a very young age, images of my Dad carrying a VHS recorder in a giant bag with a giant video camera on his shoulder in Hawaii come to mind when I think of my earliest intrigue. I love how a photograph stops time. It conjures so many thoughts and memories as you look back and remember what was going on back then, it stirs up in us all we have to be thankful for. I’m so thankful to have photography as a career theses days and while the artist in me is always striving for perfection that seems unattainable, I couldn’t be happier to be on this journey, meeting new and really great people and capturing moments that will live on for a lifetime.

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Thankfully photography has brought me back home for a short working vacation.  I’m offering mini sessions at $150 with 10 images and a 20 min session and full sessions at $250 with 50 images and an hour session until August 26th.

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     {Julie}  Cyndi now lives in Tauranga, New Zealand with her husband and three gorgeous children. However, if you are in Orange County, California, you can contact Cyndi and book your session before August 26,2015 by emailing  For more about Cyndi and to see more of her work visit


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