July 22, 2015

Photographer’s Workspace – Tools for the Post Process



Your workspace can say a lot about you.  Whether it is organized or chaotic, in a quiet secluded spot or in the flow of traffic, filled with your personal creature comforts or sparse and austere.  None of these aspects are good or bad in and of themselves, but they can be a window into the character of the person who works there.  So, here is a peek into my photographer’s workspace and post-processing world.

Where most of the post processing happens.

Where most of the post processing happens.

My workspace is in the social center of my home, the kitchen.  My kitchen is a large open room with a fireplace and it is where we gather at all times of the day.  While I do have a private separate office, I prefer to do all my editing here, where I can be with my family or company as much as possible.  Admittedly, my home is probably quieter than most; there are no small children running around, just my husband, two exchange students, and our large dog.

It is said that “creatives” generally have chaotic workspaces.  I am either not “creative” or just don’t fit the “messy” mold.  I tend to keep my space organized and free of as much clutter as possible.  In fact, when I am surrounded by clutter, I just can not concentrate, so keeping things orderly is important to my workflow.  It fascinates me how some of my artistic friends seem to not only be able to work among piles of papers and supplies, but in fact thrive in it!  Amazing! That’s just not me.  All work would have to shut down until I got the piles into some kind of order.

What is on the desk is also important.  Let’s take a closer look.

Tools for photo editing

Tools for photo editing

On the right side of the desk are my primary editing tools; wacom tablet which makes editing much easier, tablet pen, mouse, external drive, and my x-rite monitor calibrator which constantly monitors the light conditions in the room.  Of course there is also the obligatory rats nest of cables and cords behind the monitor.


Creature Comforts

On the left side of my desk are a few more essentials; card reader, keyboard, memory cards, notepad, mail file, and two small dishes to separate the backed up cards from those waiting to be downloaded.   In addition to these work items are my creature comforts; my favorite scented hand lotion, a nice tall glass of iced tea, and the remotes ready to launch the latest episodes of Mr. Selfridge, Sherlock, or Survivor ,  or just some nice background music.

My photographer’s workspace is my own and suits my needs.  What are your “must-haves” at your desk?


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