July 14, 2015

Blogstomp – My Newest Assistant


As I am trying to be much more consistent with my blogging, I was thrilled to come across a new app to help remove just one of my many excuses: Blogstomp

Preparing photos for the web can be a real hassle.

My pre-Blogstomp process:

  • open photo in Photoshop
  • process in “save for web”
  • open my watermark in Photoshop
  • drag watermark to new layer of the photo
  • position and size watermark
  • flatten layers
  • sharpen for web
  • save as a new file to my web folder
  • repeat for each and every photo I want to post

Then, if I want to post several images in a single photo collage, well that is a whole other long process.  I have used other “blog/web” prep processes and even some Photoshop actions which have helped to cut the time, but they just were a bit too limited and didn’t do everything I wanted.  The result from all my fumbling around with different methods has created some less than pleasing and very inconsistent results.

Blogstomp to the rescue! With Blogstomp I simply drag my image into the app and literally click one button and the image is automatically resized, watermarked, custom framed, sharpened, saved as a new file, and, if I want, it will even post it to Facebook and Twitter for me, all with one click!  But what if you have 30 images you want to process? No problem, drag them into Blogstomp and with one click it will process them all.  Collages or Blog Boards are just as easy.  Select the images you want to include in the collage and “stomp” it with one click.  Blogstomp will create a collage for you in less than 5 seconds, and even give you several layout options.


Single image



5 images – one option of 13 different layouts

Or how about 20 images in one collage? No problem.

20/100 Days of Summer 2015

First 20 days of 100 Days of Summer Project

Blogstomp will even allow you to customize the frame in any color or size, with or without image stroke line, background images, square or rounded corners, and more, all in one click.  Even if you don’t blog, Blogstomp will make sharing your images easier and faster.  My new assistant has taken one more excuse for not blogging off my list.  I guess I will be posting more in the future.

What is your image processing system?


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