June 27, 2015

100 Days of Summer


One photo a day; one for each of the 100 Days of Summer.  It certainly is not a new idea, but when I saw the post in my inbox, I thought, “this is one I should do”  I have wanted to do a personal documentary type photo project for several years but have shied away from larger projects like 365’s and such, knowing that I would not be consistent and the pressure would take the joy out of the process.  But this year, I’m taking the challenge.


Most of the lifestyle photography blogs I have seen are by young mothers and documenting their daily life just makes sense.   Children change and grow so quickly and provide a constant supply of humorous, tender, adventurous moments in each and every day to photograph.  But my children are all grown and gone.  My 100 Days of Summer will look very different, and that’s ok.



My summers are filled with various house guests, family BBQ’s, museums, concerts, beach days and outings with the grandkids.  One of the highlights of my summer is the annual month-long visit of my two oldest grandchildren who live out of state. With the eldest entering her senior year of high school, this just may be my last chance to document our summertimes together, a fact that was on my mind when Courtney Slazinik’s blog post hit my in box.


No matter what your summer holds, whether it is filled with dripping popsicle sticks and plastic wading pools or quiet solitary strolls by the lake, committing to taking a single image each day could be the start of a new tradition.  At the very least, you will stop, look at your surroundings, and the people in your life, just a bit more carefully and pause to enjoy them a bit more completely.

Won’t you join me in discovering your own unique 100 Days of Summer?

Happy Summer!



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